What is a blind box?

As its name suggests, it means that it’s blind: the vendor does not fully know what’s inside the box. Variation is both on the content and on the quantities. In the vast majority of cases, it’s a retailer who’ll propose

Can I combine several orders in a single shipment?

Combination of orders is possible for orders from the same shipping location. Please be sure to check the location information for an offer before bidding. If you want to combine pick-ups, contact us.

Who pays the shipping costs?

You must pay the shipping costs associated with your order. For international buyers (outside the European Economic Area), this includes import duties, taxes and charges related to the importation of goods into your country.

Who is in charge of transport?

The buyer is responsible for the transport.

Are there any additional fees when paying?

Stocklear does not charge additional fees on transactions made. However, fees may be charged by your bank.

What about VAT?

The VAT will be applied according to the location of your company this in order to respect the obligations in terms of collection.

Who charges me?

Stocklear, as a marketplace, has a mandate to invoice you on behalf of the sellers.

How can I check the status of a payment?

Log in and go to the “ORDERS” menu under the “Dashboard” section to follow the payment status. The bank transfer status changes from “not settled” to “processing” until the receipt of funds is confirmed. At this point, the state changes

What currency should I pay in?

All transactions processed are settled in euros.